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"I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." - Vincent van Gogh

My name is Gosia Stepien. I'm an visual artist living in The Netherlands. I show my work in the Netherlands regularly, mainly in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Even abroad, mainly in New York.
I see life as one big event hours trip, which I can do through my work I want to share. The visualization of my ideas and work is best expressed through Photoshop collages in which all facets of life are processed. But humànity and feelings are the biggest inspiration to me.
As orìginal material I use my own photògraphy, art paintings, portraits, naked bodies, sketches, illustrations and images of nature from everywhere. To be collected are purely surrealistic (from another reality), dramatic images, fantasy pictures, illusion images, even with a schizofrenic character. Sometimes they are highly diverse, with characterizations as humorous, science fiction, new age, magical realism, all may apply. My pixel paintings are all loners and have their own visual language.

Broken Pattern
I accidentally came across Gosia Stepien's art whilst surfing on the net. As life is governed by a law of reason and consequence I subsequently became a cyber space admirer, eventually visiting Amsterdam, her exhibitions and studio. This entitled me to view her original work.
The art of Gosia Stepien has little to do with real photography. Her basic tool, a photo camera is just the beginning of a long process of transformation enabling a particular viewpoint of recognition in today's world.
Artists often prove the very drastic realistic truth of life. Human being, as the carrier who consists of many faces hidden underneath a generally perceived surface. Gosia's photography delivers a multi-dimensional enormous sense of space, sprinkled with elements derived from technical college workshops such as graphic art, operated by pastel crayon and poetical words. She touches an unusual level of depth, attaining richness in colors and meaning which influences meritoriously different creations, subjects or a picture's space. Photography difficulties are extensive. However Gosia`s interest for nude portraits has cultivated an artistic style which is dominated by decent domestic dimension. It has little to do with the current century rage of vulgar erotic, pornographic deviation or sex but instead portrays sensuous models with faces that say less than a plastered wall.
For Gosia Stepien the human being body carries a significance of perpetual time. It's creativeness surrounding reality as if it is an existing element. One could also view the portrait surroundings as a fable. Not a fairy tale of elusive kings, queen's and palaces but a fable for adults in a destructive cosmology, borrowing and struggling caught in transformation in the waking state, only to die like a tree or stone. To be able to artistically recognize sex as a poetical metaphor requires an admirable risk element. Yet we all, in moments of love's excitement, crown ourselves in godly beauty and seemingly express our bodies as a resemblance of creation itself.
Gosia Stepien's work is an infinite excitement of being charmed by photo paper and rectangular frames . It resembles the Clean Form idea of Witkacy. A transcription of Gosia's expression could be seen as an approach to form the subject of the portrait. This form could be unusually beautiful but could also contain psychotic madness, including being eaten by worms, deformed by fear, complete lunacy, death and or being devoured by drugs.
Who among us is really David Michelangelo, Buonarroti or Venus Alessandro Botticelli? Who among those who struggle with life can be separated from degenerating peculiarity like a sculpture piece. Gosia's work portrays the weakening of the human mental structure but also the human desire of crossing unobtainable borders. Her work represents a flight through the thunder clouds, a walk in another galaxy and a nostalgia for happiness and recognition in the unknown Paradise.
Gosia Stepien has interwoven the human being with nature and in so doing has transpired to invent a complete absorption of such. The essence of Gosia`s photography workshop with lyrical subtitles holds an astonishing force, hidden under the English word " cool" and thus positively strange that she belongs to a family circle of surrealists. The French surrealists are her spiritual guides and donate to Gosia an enormous meaning of creation. They destroy all stereotypes of understanding. Satisfactory contrast , form and subject are shocked. This expression of formula touches human experience daily and gives evidence of unusual talent and workshop abilities to Gosia Stepien.
Her ability to combine a camera's focus and her own observation of reality is unlike anything we see from day to day. No matter how painfully strange or dangerous the operation is, she manages to have a courtship with MUZA. Even if inspiration strike though a simple letter on a nude man, she continues tobear beautiful fruit of love in every performance which she exhibits to the world. Her workshops are a legible form of reflective narration, placing her among the most brilliant contemporary surrealists in our time. As all artists, she fights and struggles with life, as all prior to her have done. To reach PARNASUS, most have to pass away. I wish her the best.
DARIUSZ PACAK writer, poet, opera singer , Vienna December 2004

New book of Dariusz Pacak illustreted by Gosia Stepien,

published by Art Interpres Publications Stockholm-New York-Moscow


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